Sat Rad Player is one of the latest apps to become Mango-ready in its new version 3.0.  Besides a patch that fixes a bug where the app pauses when the phone first locks, the update features some exciting new functionality.  Firstly, you can now use Bluetooth devices to to listen to your favorite satellite radio stations on your phone.  The other big addition to Sat Rad Player is the ability to run it in the background on Mango devices.  That way, you can rock out with your Cocktail Flow out.

Special instructions given for running the app in the background are provided by the developers:

Press the volume control on the phone to bring up the mini-player (aka UVC) that allows you to stop/start playing, and change channels. The mini-player can be accessed from anywhere on the phone through the volume controls (even if the phone is locked). TO ENABLE THIS FEATURE make sure the 'plays under lock screen' option is checked off in the settings menu.

There is a fully functional, ad-supported trial version, as well as a paid version.

The Sat Rad Team also reminds you that your current US-based Sirius/XM subscription must include the internet play option for the app to work. Grab it here. (Thanks for the tip, Frank!)