Satya Nadella

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella repeated his stance, in the company's quarterly conference call with financial analysts earlier this week, that the company is committed to participating in the smartphone hardware business. He did admit that Microsoft doesn't currently have good phones for the high-end flagship department, but hopes to change that with the release of Windows 10 Mobile.

When asked by Keith Weiss of Morgan Stanley about Microsoft's phone business over the longer term, Nadella replied:

"I believe our participation in the phone segment by itself, so Windows phones and Lumia phones being there is important and that's why we picked the three areas where we have differentiation and we're going to focus on it. We're going to have great flagship phones for Windows fans. That's actually a segment we don't today have good devices and we hope to change that with Windows 10."

The current lack of flagship phones is an issue many Windows Phone fans have brought up in the past year, so it's good to see that Nadella also admits that the company has not performed well by releasing new devices for that audience. As we have reported before, there are tons of unconfirmed rumors that Microsoft will reveal at least two flagship phones for Windows 10 Mobile with those rumors claiming they may be revealed at the IFA trade show in Berlin in early September.

Source: Microsoft; Via: Re/code