Satya Nadella

Citing an unnamed source familiar with the matter, Reuters claims that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is scheduled to visit China next month. Microsoft is currently being investigated by one of China's antitrust regulators over concerns centering on the bundling of Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player with Windows. The antitrust probe, which was launched this week by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, followed a raid on four Microsoft offices in the country by Chinese authorities.

It is unclear if Nadella will meet with Chinese government officials, but the timing of the visit does indicate that Microsoft wants to put an end to the antitrust probe. The antitrust investigation isn't the only thing that Microsoft has to deal with the in the country, as China banned government procurement of Windows 8 earlier this year over security concerns, and is now working on a homegrown OS that is scheduled to launch later this year. It is safe to assume that Nadella will be clarifying claims of alleged backdoors in Windows during his stay in the country. He will also be looking to strengthen business ties and find a way to generate revenue from the country, a feat Microsoft has failed to do so thus far due to rampant software piracy.

What do you guys think? Will Nadella be able to bring an end to Microsoft's woes in China?

Source: Reuters; Via: Neowin