Satya Nadella

After his comments regarding how women should ask for a raise in the workplace drew the ire of the media earlier this month, Satya Nadella is now further clarifying his views on the subject. Talking to USA Today and CNBC, Nadella also discussed other topics that include his vision for Microsoft as well as the impact of cloud-based services.

In the video, Nadella talks about the comments centering around the issue of women asking for a raise in tech companies:

"My answer to that one question, which I interpreted super narrowly, was just wrong, because I answered by my own experience of how I managed my career," he told USA TODAY. "But the mistake is to take your own personal experience and project it on half of humanity. It's just insensitive."

He also had a lot to say about the burgeoning focus on the cloud at Microsoft, stating that even though the business accounts for $4.5 billion out of the $70 billion generated by Microsoft, it represents a new challenge.

"You need new concepts with new innovation, and you have to have new capability and culture to go after those new concepts. Your existing success kind of fights those things, so you have to over-amplify the new concept and the culture required for it. And that's the journey."

Nadella also stated that technologies like Cortana are the embodiment of what Microsoft has to offer, and was enthusiastic about Windows 10, which is a unifying operating system that will offer users the same experience across devices and form factors.

Along with the interviews, Nadella is also set to go on stage today for a cloud-related announcement. We'll be bringing you all the news from that announcement later in the day.

Source: USA Today, CNBC