Surface Book

Keeping a watchful eye over the Surface Book? If so, you may want to cast a glance to the Microsoft Store, which has the sleek and premium 2-in-1 laptop listed with $100 subtracted from the price. The offer enables you to save on the Intel Core i5 configurations only. (Unfortunately, the more expensive Intel Core i7 options are not included.)

Spotted by Neowin, this deal will be available to those in the U.S. until April 9. This will make the Surface Book yours from just $1,399. Yes, it's still quite the investment but the sheer quality of the hardware makes the price tag well worth considering.

Even though the i7 configurations aren't affected by the promotion, Microsoft is offering $30 off the Surface Dock when purchased with a Surface Book. Head to the Microsoft Store to configure your ideal Surface Book.

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