Game Pass is awesome, but Game Pass is also expensive. Especially if you want Game Pass Ultimate, which puts all the features in one excellent subscription package. Over Black Friday we saw some incredible Game Pass Ultimate deals that included excellent savings like 3 months for $25. Obviously, that's going to be a hard deal to beat, but anything is better than 3 months for $45, which is the standard price at every retailer right now. Jump over to Newegg and you can get 3 months for $37.11 when you use the code 93XSE68 during checkout. That's a savings of $7.88. It's not the biggest savings we've seen, but considering you can just add this subscription onto whatever subscription you already have, it's just another way to save even more.


Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 3-months | $8 off

Use code 93XSE68 to get a chunk off the price. Play all the latest games on Xbox including Halo Infinite and the award-winning Age of Empires IV. You get access to all of Game Pass's best features with Ultimate.

$37.11 at Newegg

Xbox Game Pass comes in many forms, but Game Pass Ultimate is the pinnacle of gaming excellence. It combines several services in one including Xbox Live Gold, which lets you play multiplayer games online, Xbox Game Pass, which gives you access to games on your console, and Game Pass for PC, which lets you play those games on your Windows computer. The two versions of Game Pass normally go for around $10 a month individually, and Xbox Live Gold costs $5 a month. Ultimate is already a great value compared to that because it's only $15 a month without a deal like today's discount.

Game Pass is the Netflix subscription of video games. Pick from a huge library of titles and play all the games you want as long as your subscription holds out. That includes first-party Xbox titles like Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5, and Age of Empires IV. There are other games you might be interested in as well like Hades and Back 4 Blood. It's all there and you don't have to pay $70 per title. Plus, the games going in and out constantly rotate so you always have some fresh selections to choose from. It's a great way to try out indie games you might not otherwise play.

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