Like word scramble type word games? Saveman is available over at the Windows Phone Marketplace that might be worth a look at.

The story line has your main character Sam, a green blob, trying to avoid disaster after disaster. To help Sam, you've got to build words from a group of scrambled letters. As you create the words, Sam inches closer to a helicopter which will take him to safety. Once he's safely on the helicopter you can continue to build words or tap the helicopter to move to the next round. You've got to do all this under a time limit or Sam gets taken out by the pending disaster.

The game screen layout is straightforward. Up top you have your score, timer, and remaining words needed to save Sam. Just tap on the letters to build your words and tap the check box to create the word. You can shake your phone to re-arrange the letters and refresh your view. To add to the challenge, Saveman won't accept plural versions of words.

Saveman is an entertaining game.  The challenge of meeting the word quota before Sam faces his demise gives the game enough of a challenge to keep you interested.  Saveman makes for a nice addition to your Windows Phone gaming library.

There are two versions of Saveman available at the Marketplace. A free, ad-supported version can be found here and a $.99 ad-free version is here.