Back in September, we covered a number of Nintendo-owned games illegally sold in the Marketplace by “Windows Phone developer” Jesse Dudley. As a result of what we can only imagine as a nasty letter from Nintendo, Microsoft took these titles offline. Unfortunately, Dudley – or what he’s now calling Dudley Studios – is back with a freshly uploaded title this week – Final Mission.
Final Mission isn’t actually a game developed by Dudley Studios. It’s a Japanese NES game owned, developed and published by Natsume Co., Ltd, reminiscent of Konami’s awesome Contra series. (Old hats in the U.S. may remember this title as S.C.A.T.: Special Cybernetic Attack Team.)
Cracking the XAP open, we discovered the usual infringements:


  • Logo – Stolen from Dark Void game art.
  • Emulator [FinalMission.dll] – Unknown fork of the XNA SharpNES project. While its use isn't infringing, its BSD license states "Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above copyright notice [...]". That didn't happen.
  • ROM [Final Mission (Japan).xnb] – Dump of a Natsume Co., Ltd’s retail cartridge.

Let’s hope that after a few rounds, Microsoft will revoke Marketplace accounts of this type and/or change their reactive stance on policing obvious infringing titles that appear in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Update: Only an hour after writing this post, Dudley uploaded yet another game, this time based on Sivak Games' game Battle Kid: Fortress Of Peril (under the title of Battle Mech Kid.)