Star Wars fans will definitely want to turn their attention to the latest Humble Bundle, which offers up a ton of classic Star Wars PC games on the cheap. In fact, depending on how much you're willing to shell out, you can pick up a total 15 Star Wars games that cover the whole spectrum of genres.

Score a slew of Star Wars games on the cheap with the latest Humble Bundle

The initial tier, for which you can pay whatever you want, covers 4 games ranging from the popular Knights of the Old Republic to Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds Saga. If you decide to pay more than the average ($8.83 at the time of writing), however, you can secure 5 more games, the highlights of which include Star Wars Jedi Outcast, Knights of the Old Republic II, and Star Wars Battlefront II. Finally, shelling out $14 or more will unlock 5 more games, including Force Unleashed I and II, Shadows of the Empire, and more.

As a bonus, if you're willing to part with $35, Humble Bundle will throw in an X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter t-shirt as well. That's definitely not a bad haul for such a small amount of cash, and you'll get a chance to help out a charity while you're at it. The Star Wars bundle is up for grabs through February 21, so be sure to head to Humble Bundle if you're interested.

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