Seahawks quarterback details how having a Surface on the sidelines has helped him win

Things may have been off to a rocky start when the NFL started using Surface tablets earlier this year, but today brought a pretty cool little story about how the tablets have helped out Washington's own Seattle Seahawks. In an interview with Washington's King 5 News, quarterback Russell Wilson said that the ability to instantly review plays on the tablet has helped the team win.

Previously, if Wilson wanted to review plays, he had to wait for low-resolution prints to come down from the stands. Now, he says the process is almost instantaneous once he grabs a Surface from the sidelines:

Get the new play right away, and see what's going on, be able to zoom in, look at the picture, the process, the speed is much faster for me and you can learn a lot more​.

Wilson also told King 5 News that using the Surface to review plays has helped the Seahawks win:

When we were playing the 49ers, they were playing a great game the first half and we made adjustments in the second half because of what we were seeing on the sidelines.

It's an interesting little example of how technology is able to change even the smallest of things to make a big impact. If you want to check out the full video, be sure to hit up the source link below.

Source: King 5 News