6tag, the popular third-party Instagram app for Windows Phone has just received an update. The store listing mentions that version 3.3.2 now loads more comments under the images and also take into account username with dots. This update should be great for those who get a lot of comments on their images.

Previously, older comments have not been displayed because newer comments have pushed them out. With this 3.3.2 update, it looks like 6tag now tries to load all the comments. This is good for most people, but there's a downside to this. It's fine when you view an image with 40 comments, but try opening a photo with 2,000 comments. It doesn't significantly slow down 6tag, but you can see the app try to list each and every one of those comments in one page. It would probably be better to have a 'load more comments' button after every 20-30 comments.

Update: Here's yet another reason why Rudy Huyn is awesome. The developer of 6tag has commented below that a "load more comments" button will be in the next update.

Other than that, everything else looks the same. Have you noticed anything else? Is 6tag still your favorite Instagram app from the Windows Phone Store? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks for the tip, FernandoDB!

QR: 6tag