Users are being told to 'update' only to go back to Adobe's ugly past

We’ve reported on some issues with the Windows Phone Store lately, including oddities with updates. And just a few days ago Microsoft said they had started to roll out some fixes to improve things. We’re not sure if that has anything to do with Adobe’s “issue” here but it is coincidental.

Now, users are being prompted for an update to the app—we had ours this morning. The problem is if you scroll down through the notes, you’ll see the version is listed as 9.0. That’s a downgrade from the “new” 10.1 that was rolled out three weeks ago. In fact, a recent update (v10.1.1) was pushed to users though we have no idea what the changelog was for, but presumably it may have been the start of this recent update error.

In short, if you do this third “update” to Adobe, you will lose the fairly outstanding 10.1 and all of its features. In other words, just ignore that ‘1’ on your Marketplace Tile until we hear otherwise from Adobe or Microsoft on the matter. We’re guessing this a publishing error on Adobe’s part and it will require 2-7 days before it gets fixed. Thanks for everyone who tipped us!

Update: The issue may be limited to the US Marketplace