'Seems faster' is an inside joke and meme started on Windows Central back in mid-2013 by commenters and staff writers. It is typically used in comments regarding app updates, although it has expanded to a larger, ironic usage for just about, well, everything.


Back in 2013, the Facebook app for Windows Phone was going under major revisions by Microsoft to get the app on par with iOS and Android. A Facebook beta app program was created for rapid development. After a few beta builds, the new features would be merged into the official, public version of the app. As a result, the app was frequently updated, often on a weekly basis

The comment 'seems faster' was jokingly given by users because the Facebook app changelog would note "performance improvements and bug fixes", which is vague for those looking for more detail. People would then make comments that the app does feel faster, even though there was no evidence that it was quicker in terms of actual performance.

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After multiple updates with "performance improvements and bug fixes", it became a running joke that the app 'seems faster'. Thus, the meme was born.

Later on, the 'seems faster' quip would expand to all Windows Phone app updates that lacked a specific changelog. Although it began to annoy many people in article comments, the usage was understood as a frustrated response to the lack of communication from app developers.

In March of 2015, the 'seems faster' joke became solidified in Windows Central lore with the release of a limited-edition tee-shirt. The shirt featured 'seems faster' on the back along with the 'ninja cat riding a unicorn' on the front, itself another new meme started earlier that year.