is reporting the MP3 search engine Seeqpod will release a Windows Mobile application that will allow users to search for and stream music through their Windows Mobile phones. The application will sell for an introductory price of $10 (regular price will be $15) and will include playable music search, discovery, Wikipedia articles on the artist and updating collections of playlists. The company claims that this will turn any Windows Mobile phone into an iPod

SeeqPod is a search engine that seeks out playable web content including video, audio, slideshows and Adobe Flash files. SeeqPod will let users call up specific songs and artists, include links to purchase songs and a fully skinnable player. In tinkering with the website version, SeeqPod is an interesting service and it will be equally interesting to see how they adapt this service to the Windows Mobile environment.

If SeeqPod is as popular as the company expects it to be, it will also be interesting to see what legal issues develop. SeeqPod asserts safe harbor under the Online Copyright Infringement Liability Limitation Act (OCILLA for short?). In a nutshell, SeeqPod promises to adhere to search standards set forth in copyright laws in a fashion not to uncover copyrighted/protected material that has been illegally loaded to the internet. According to their website, Seeqpod