In our forums, bubbatex reminds us that yesterday Boy Genius gave us solid leads on some releases. Exactly one week from today, on Sept 25th, we should see the AT&T Tilt (we thought it would have been released by now), the Q9 Global (nee Q9H, I guess). He's also mentioning the Pantech Duo (which I've been studiously ignoring here at WMExperts, but no more) should hit on October 9th.

Readers of this site know that the Tilt looks to be the Best Windows Mobile Phone Ever. Period., but the Q9 Global isn't going to be any sort of slouch, either. The Pantech Duo is one of those neat dual-sliders, though I'll admit I find the extra thickness a poor tradeoff for that 2nd keypad. Still, it's an HSDPA WM6 Standard device with some pretty good looks and a pretty good price, $249 after rebates.

After the jump, the leaked docs BGR snagged as proof of our impending Tilt bliss.