Windows Phone 8 Red Carpet Day

Roll out the red carpet for Windows Phone 8


Rumour is that Microsoft maybe ready to launch Windows Phone 8 as early as September. We certainly know that both Nokia and HTC are prepping to show off their new shiny Windows Phone 8 toys around that time. Could it be that Microsoft are going for a full launch rather than just simply an RTM and device previews at the end of next month? We’d hope so, but it's just a rumour.

The guys over at pocketnow seem to think this might be the case after getting -what they say appears to be- a legit memo from an MS partner with a specific launch date.

As with all these rumours, we’ll need to take this one with a pinch of salt but as they go on to mention the date of the embargo time could be Sept 30th 11:59PM, that leaves Monday 1st Oct as the possible date of launch. It would certainly be nice to see a quick turnaround between RTM and actual device launches. Previously there has been a sizeable gap between announcements and people being able to get devices in their hands. Much momentum with a product launch can be lost due to this.

Apple for instance likes to announce and then capitalise on the excitement with the devices being available in stores right away or the next day. As Microsoft lately seems keen to mimic how Apple generate and maintain excitement, this could be a step to try to achieve similar hype levels. We’ll know far more very soon, but even an October launch would put it ahead of previous suggested launch dates.

We will be hearing from Nokia and HTC as to what they indeed to go head to head with in the Windows Phone 8 race. Could Microsoft be looking to ramp up the excitement for Windows Phone 8 with a faster than expected launch? It could give Windows Phone the must have new gadget factor people require these days.  

Source: Pocketnow