SEQR Windows Phone

It was early April that SEQR, a Swedish-mobile payment provider, popped up as a blip on our Windows Phone radar. We first learned about an upcoming Windows Phone app for SEQR when McDonald's Sweden teased the news within their own app. Well turns out SEQR for Windows Phone snuck into the Windows Phone Store two days ago! Feature list and download after the break.

With SEQR ( on Windows Phone, you're able to pay in thousands of stores, pay car parking, send money and more! Here's all that you can do with the app:

  • Make in-store and online payments
  • Send and receive money through your mobile number
  • Get offers directly in the app
  • Save digital receipts
  • Register loyalty accounts

SEQR Screenshots

We, of course, aren't currently in Sweden and don't have a need for SEQR. But we're really happy to see the app hit Windows Phone. Any of our friends in Sweden interested in using? Sound off below!

Thanks for the tip highbyte!