We’ve been getting reports all morning of specific errors when attempting to download apps from the Windows Phone Store, specifically c101a006, c101a007 and 805a01F4. For instance, we’ve had a few inquiries about our app with people having difficulty updating it and being thrown one of the above errors.

For its part, Microsoft is detailing a few Live service outages including one related to Xbox Music on Windows Phone (support.xbox.com/xbox-live-status)  and Facebook connected services (status.live.com). None of those mentions Windows Phone Store directly but we’re certain that something is connected here.

Of course this isn’t a worldwide problem so your Store may be fine. Here in the US we did have an error but retrying to download the app went fine. Others as far away as Norway though have reported the difficulties as well. Just sit tight and we’ll let Microsoft fix what they need to as this is usually addressed in a few hours.

Sound off in comments with your phone, location and if you’re having problems—you know, to make everyone feel better that they’re not alone in this cruel world. Thanks, everyone, who tipped us!

Update: Microsoft has clarified that this ONLY affects PAID apps. It's a problem with Purchasing and Billing. Thanks, Andrew W., for the tip

Update 2: Microsoft now says the issue is resolved.