Microsoft plans to release a number of security updates Tuesday, July 8 for Windows PCs and tablets, including the Surface Pro 3, and two patches that been labeled as "Critical" by the company.

The updates will be released as part of Microsoft's monthly "Patch Tuesday" event. This month will have six security bulletins issued. Five of them are directed at most versions of Windows; the sixth, which has been labeled as "Moderate", is for an issue affecting Microsoft Service Bus for Windows Server.

Of the five patches that are being released for Windows, one of them is to fix a security hole in most versions of Internet Explorer. The two "Critical" patches are being released to fix a "Remote Code Execution" issue, while the other three, all of which have been labeled as "Important", will close an "Elevation of Privilege" hole.

As usual, Microsoft does not offer specific information on what these patches are supposed to fix before they are released, so that hackers are not given that information ahead of time. In addition to the security updates, Microsoft will likely release one or more new firmware updates for its Surface family of tablets Tuesday.

Source: Microsoft

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