Trouble deciding what to cook for dinner? Shake it, Make it is a recipe finder for your Windows Phone that puts a new twist in choosing a recipe.

With Shake it, Make it all you do is shake your Windows Phone to get the app searching for a recipe. The more you shake, the spicier the dish.

The app taps into the recipe database of the BBC Food network. If you run across a recipe you like, Shake it, Make it has the ability to save the recipe for future use.

In giving the recipe finder a test drive, the interface is simple but it takes a good while for a recipe to appear (as you can tell in the video).  And the slowness is really the only knock on this cooking app.

To be fair to the application, the slowness could have easily been due to my data connection as it could have been due to a slow server. Then again, good things do come to those who wait and the recipes do look good.  If you want to spice things up in the kitchen, Shake it, Make it is worth checking out.

Shake it, Make it is a free app and you can find it here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.