Looking for a new game to play on your Windows Phone this weekend? If so, you should check out Shapist. It's a new mobile game that comes to us from iOS. It's not a super popular app (yet) but is well reviewed and received a nomination for in the Best Mobile Game category at Indie Prize Amsterdam 2014. Let's check out this new sliding block puzzle game for Windows Phone.

In Shapist there's no score, tutorials and no limits. Just you and 65 puzzles to solve. There's no tutorial, but you do get a free trial and can play around to see if you like the game.

There may be no tutorial, but it's not hard to spend a moment or two sliding the blocks around to figure out what you need to do in order to solve the puzzle. Your goal is to move blocks in a way that you reveal a puzzle piece hiding beneath them all. Clear the blocks on top and then tap that hidden piece to go to the next level.


Shapist is a beautiful game with minimalist styling. Play a few rounds, and you might find yourself in a therapeutic state as you solve puzzles.

The game was recently updated to support the Russian Windows Phone Store and address a fix for those with Lumia Icons. Download the trial and let us know what you think of the game. Like it? It'll be $2.49 to unlock the game and play all the puzzles.

QR: Shapist