A month ago we covered a new app in the Windows Phone Store called SharkPhone. It’s a third-party client for online music streaming service Grooveshark. As you might remember, Grooveshark once said they had no plans for Windows Phone because Microsoft would not allow such an app in the Store. Fast forward to a month ago and SharkPhone came out.

The app was received well by the community and definitely filled a gap for those wanting Grooveshark on Windows Phone. Sadly, it might not last much longer. Grooveshark has requested that SharkPhone be removed from the Windows Phone Store.

The developer took to the subreddit r/windowsphone to get feedback on how to proceed after receiving a takedown notice from Grooveshark. They claim that SharkPhone violates their Terms of Service and wish to see the app removed from the Windows Phone Store. Which is a little ironic seeing as how much legal troubles Grooveshark has been in since its inception.

SharkPhone is still available in the Windows Phone Store to download, but it might not be for much longer. Clearly Grooveshark is right and can request that the app be removed if it’s using any unofficial APIs. It’s just a little funny to see a company that has been sued by all four major music companies ask to have an app like this removed. Maybe SharkPhone and Grooveshark can reach a mutual understanding and work together. Similar to how Tinder and 6tindr joined forces. We shall see. 

Anyone out there use Grooveshark? Or are you content with Xbox Music, Songza, Digitally Imported, Spotify, etc.?

Source: Reddit

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