If you have a Zune Pass, you'll read this story and chuckle as Shazam + Zune Pass = music heaven (I use the combo 4-5 times a week, easily). For those outside of the U.S. who either don't have Zune Pass by choice or by circumstance (basically, not these countries), this may make you a little peeved. (If we recall, only United States, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain have Zune Pass access)

Today, both companies announced a partnership that will come close to simulating the Shazam + Zune Pass experience:

Shazam, the world’s leading mobile discovery company, today announced that Spotify, the popular music service, will be integrated across the full range of Shazam’s free and premium Apps for iPhone, iPod touch and Android. As a result, Shazamers will be able to access Spotify directly through a new ‘Play in Spotify’ feature, which will take them directly to Spotify where they can immediately begin listening to the full track that they either tagged or discovered within Shazam from recommendations or the Shazam charts.

Why no Windows Phone support? We have no idea--although one could surmise a disagreeing Microsoft having a say. Shazam is already on Windows Phone and Spotify have a client that someday should see the light of day (whatever happened to that one?). So presumably they could do it, yet at least from the press release, it's not happening...yet. Of course, despite what the iPhone and Android will get, it still pales in comparison to the instant-download-gratification of a Zune pass, amirite?

For our Euro collegues and those without Zune Pass service: thoughts? Sound off below.

Source: Shazam