Shazam, the only music ID app, has finally returned to the Marketplace along with its $5.99 super-expense-it's-not-really-worth-it older brother. (See our comparison video between the two)

Both apps were pulled a week ago for various reasons. For one, we knew Shazam (free) was installing under your Games category (no, it never uninstalled, it was there the whole time), so that required it to be pulled and fixed and re-submitted. Shazam Encore was pulled, some speculated, due to poor reception and the high price. Well, at least with the latter, it still has that high price--$5.99.

Encore though has been updated to v2.1 and we're comparing/contrasting with our v2.0 to see if there are any feature differences that could possibly justify the $6 price-tag, so look back in a few for that update...

Update: After comparing both the free version and Encore, we still find very little difference between the two apps. Nothing has changed, as far as we can tell.

You can grab Shazam (free) here and Shazam Encore ($5.99) from the Marketplace here. Thanks, SEKKDS, for noticiing!