Looking for a cool game for your Windows Phone? Something with a little twist? If so, check out the Windows Phone 7 game Shift2.

Shift2 is part platform game and part puzzle game. Your goal is to work your player from one side of the screen to a door that appears at various locations throughout the games levels. All in an effort to escape the experimental lab you're trapped inside.

The puzzle challenge comes into play because the route to the door is never direct. You have a shift button that will flip the screen, moving the floor to the roof. It turns towering obstacles into dangerous pits.

Follow the break to read more on Shift2 and to see a video of the game in action.

The game controls are simple and straightforward. You have two directional arrows at either side of the screen to control the movement of your player. As you move in one direction the opposing arrow points upward to facilitate jumps.

The controls take a little getting used to. A directional pad might be a good alternative but once you get the hang of the arrows, as is, the controls work well. The game ran really good with no bugs, crashes or glitches experienced. Levels loaded respectably and the screen shifting was smooth.

You're not alone in trying to find your way through the puzzle. Text messages appear throughout the game that sometimes have hints hidden within the words.

Shift2 is a healthy game not only because of the challenging puzzles but also because of the number of levels the game has. Shift2 has 15 original levels, 105 additional levels, and then if that's not enough the game also includes 25 bonus levels. More than enough game to keep you busy.

The only downside to the game is that there isn't a trial version. The full version runs $1.99 and if you like mazes and puzzles, Shift2 will prove challenging. You can find your copy here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.