Here's some interesting info:

  1. ShopSavvy is coming to Windows Phone 7
  2. Requests for it have outstripped the requests for Blackberry, by a large margin

For those curious, ShopSavvy is a very popular application found on Android, the iPhone and Symbian. It allows you to scan a barcode with your camera and then does a quick price lookup for all local and online stores, giving you their lowest price and allowing you to save the information.

Like we said, it's pretty popular, so having it come to WP7 is a nice treat. It's also interesting that requests for product updates/beta requests for WP7 have been higher than Blackberry as noted by the developer:

Since we began accepting requests it has been interesting to note that Windows Phone requests have beaten out Blackberry requests two to one. This is despite the fact that Blackberry devices out number Windows Mobile devices more than two to one.

Now part of that reason, the author contends, is that Blackberry users just are not that app-aware--both being limited by storage space and just not having a large selection. Plus we know that Blackberry's are slightly behind Windows Mobile users in terms of apps on their devices. Guess RIM has an even larger uphill battle than Microsoft for consumer products.

Sign up for the beta and more info right here.