Ever wonder if that picture is hanging straight on the wall? Wife or girlfriend says it's not but you know it is? MToolbox might be a handy application to have in these situations where you need to see if something's level.

But wait, there's more. MToolbox also has a angle/ruler to measure length and angles, a light meter that measure luminosity, and shock sensor to measure movements.

Follow the break for some more screen shots and our impressions on MToolbox for Windows Mobile.


Designed for Windows Mobile phones with a g-sensor and light sensor, being a home grown application it isn't much different than a Beta application in that bugs will exist. MToolbox was marginally stable with a few device lock-ups and error messages experienced.  Nothing a soft reset couldn't fix but a tad frustrating to say the least.  I did have a problem with some of MToolbox's screens being too large for the Fuze but it didn't effect the functionality.

The Water Level application can be calibrated as needed and you need to define the angle of your screen to use the angle/ruler app. I'm not sure how comfortable I'd be using my Fuze in a wood shop or construction site but around the house to see if a shelf is level it'll do just nicely.

MToolbox is a Windows Mobile application that has a lot of potential.  If the stability issues and screen sizes can be addressed it will be a nice app to have.  As is, you just need to be prepared for a soft reset every now and then.

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