Dropbox is conducting a poll to see if there is enough interest to develop a Windows Phone application. Dropbox recently upgraded their mobile website and is now looking into building a Windows Phone app.

Dropbox's mobile website received a hefty facelift in early September that brought new features into the mix such as,

  • Search: You can search your Dropbox for that e-book that was such a pain to browse to.
  • File quick actions: Whether you are browsing or searching for files, now in addition to downloading a file, there is also a quick action menu dropdown that gives you access to additional things you can do to your files. For now, that means sharing and deleting.
  • Share: Dropbox will generate a link that helps you quickly share a file or folder with your friends. Simply copy a link to your device clipboard or email the link on.
  • Delete: There's a new delete functionality and clean up your Dropbox.
  • Account settings: New account settings tab has been added to make it easier to view or modify your account settings.
  • Internationalization: Dropbox now supports 5 different languages: English, Spanish, French, German, and Japanese.

You can visit Dropbox's mobile interface by pointing your Windows Phone to http://www.dropbox.com/m. And if you agree that Dropbox should develop a mobile app, head on over here to Votebox (you have to register with Dropbox to vote).  Last time I checked, the yes voted totaled 5,765.

Thanks goes out to Leonal for the tip!