Shuffle Party for Windows Phone

While Paul and you may be unhappy that there isn’t a new Xbox Windows Phone game out this week, we can at least be kind of happy an oldie has returned for Windows Phone 8. Yesterday we mentioned that Shuffle Party was going to make an appearance this week in the Store, picking up support for Windows Phone 8.  

Microsoft continues to whittle down the list of games incompatible with Windows Phone 8 and Shuffle Party isn’t really anything to turn your nose at. Sure, gameplay is simple and there is an ad at the top, but it’s a free game!

When we first reviewed this game we noted that we enjoyed the graphics and Avatar integration. It’s an excellent free game. There really isn’t any reason for it not to be on your phone right now.

You can download Shuffle Party for either Windows Phone 7.X or 8 devices right here, use the QR code below, or by swiping right in our Windows Phone Central app.

Via: Xbox Twitter

QR: Shuffle Party