Looking for an interesting game for your Windows Phone? Shut The Box is being offered over at the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace that is an Old English puzzle game.  It's a simple, yet challenging game.

You have your box, a pair of dice, and tiles (or shutters) numbered one through nine. The object of the game is to turn down all the tiles. You do so by rolling the dice and turning down the corresponding tiles that equal the sum of each roll. When you roll the dice with a sum that won't drop any tiles, game over.

It's a simple game that has a Yahtzee feel to it. Shut the Box has fantastic graphics and is an enjoyable way to pass the time with. Shut The Box also includes a statistics page so you can evaluate your performance and a settings page that includes a Move Hints settings. This is a good feature to help you learn the game strategy.

There is no trial version for Shut The Box and the full version will run you $.99. You can purchase the game here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.