Simple Calendar

Simple Calendar is a clean looking alternative to the native Windows Phone calendar. The Windows Phone 8 app uses your existing calendars, making setup easy and has an extremely user friendly interface. The calendar app ranks amongst the best we’ve seen and an update is now available, taking Simple Calendar to version 3.5.

The version 3.5 update for Simple Calendar mainly deals with the app’s Live Tile feature by adding two new styles and an option to show the last updated time for all wide tile styles.

Simple Calendar New Tiles

The new wide tile styles are part of Simple Calendar’s premium tiles that are available through in-app purchase. The new tile set includes two styles, Wayne and Lloyd. Wayne has your day/date displayed to the left of the Live Tile with your upcoming appointments lined up to the right of the Live Tile. Lloyd is similar in style but has the day/date highlighted. The new wide tile style pack will run you $2.49.

In addition to the new premium tile set, the update adds the option to display the last update time on your Simple Calendar Live Tile. It’s a nice feature to have should you be concerned that the information on the tile is somewhat dated.

Simple Calendar is a free app that is available for Windows Phone 8 devices. After seven days, ad-support kicks in and you can remove the ads, as well as buy premium Live Tile sets, through in-app purchases.

You can find Simple Calendar here in the Windows Phone Store.

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