The majority of us are by no means tech savvy and we are sometimes found to be stuck at a wall when attempting to accomplish something that requires some technical knowledge and/or skill. To name a specific situation - bloggers or website owners who wish to publish an app that allows readers (and visitors) to use the website or services through a customised environment, instead of the web browser.

This is where FollowMyFeed comes into play for Windows Phone 7. Any website owner who wishes to feature an app, one can simply input their RSS feed into the system, which then creates an application based solely on that feed. Very handy for end-users with the included availability of faster loading times, offline usage and a Metro UI feel. The only perk is you will need to be able to submit the application to the Marketplace, which requires an annual subscription of $99 over at the App Hub.

There have already been successful implementations similar to this idea on other platforms. Invision Power Services, who specialise in community software (namely IP.Board), introduced means for forum owners to use the official app on the iOS platform that took advantage of the mobile template offered and allowed for a more enjoyable experience for end-users.

FollowMyFeed is a great option to aid sites and blogs with easily creating an app for the platform quickly and effectively. While not perfect by any means, and not entirely comparable to full personalised apps with huge lists of features, it’s a step in the right direction for more exposure with the growing Windows Phone 7 community.

Source: Go Microsoft; via 1800PocketPC