Microsoft makes its service agreement easier to understand

Cutting out a lot of the legal jargon, Microsoft is now simplifying its Microsoft Services Agreement (MSA) in an effort to make the terms easier to read and understand for consumers who are non-lawyers. "Part of that is also making sure our service agreements are as easy as possible for everyone to understand," Microsoft said, and that these terms will apply to services like OneDrive,, Bing, and

Part of the change is that Microsoft will be spelling out what it means for privacy, transparency, and simplicity. The changes, which are listed below, will go into effect starting July 31.

  1. Privacy: We are now explicitly stating what we've said in past, that we don't use people's documents, photos or other personal files or what they say in email, chat, video calls or voice mail to target advertising to them.

  2. Transparency: We've condensed separate Code of Conduct and Anti-Spam documents into a single list of activities that can result in a customer's account being closed, and added language about parents' responsibility for children using Microsoft account and services.

  3. Simplicity: We tailor our privacy statements for each product and organize content for consistency, so people can easily find it. This includes a new Windows Services Privacy Statement that covers Microsoft account, and OneDrive.

Source: Microsoft