WP Central

Howdy folks, just a quick heads up the site is under going some backend changes over the next few days. As a result, the WPCentral app may be busted for a bit, at least until the updated version passes certification (it's already been submitted for approval in the Marketplace).

We will also probably have a few bugs to work out, so bear with us as we try to address them as they pop up. Even though this change brings no immediate new features to the site, it's laid the groundwork for us to do just that. We have some big plans that are coming and the new content management system (CMS) we've installed will allow us to do just that. It's a big change though so we're all going to be a little stressed for the next few days, our apologies in advance! But...this new system will allow Jay to implement "adding comments to articles" in our app. Look for that after the next update.

-The WPCentral Team