Xbox One

Microsoft not only adds new apps for the Xbox One on a regular basis in the US, it does the same for other markets as well, including the UK. Now there's word that one of the most requested apps for the console in that country, Sky TV, is in the works and could be released in the near future.

TechRadar reports:

"Sky TV is in development and is coming soon to Xbox One," said Harvey Eagle, Xbox UK Marketing Director, although he wouldn't commit to a release date when we asked."

There's already a Sky TV app for the older Xbox 360 and the more recent PlayStation 4, so adding the Xbox One to that list will be a big deal indeed. The PlayStation 4 version offers access to all of Sky's live TV channels, along with other features. It does require a £5 Sky Go Extra subscription, in addition to a current Sky subscription, and it's more than likely that will be the case for the Xbox One port as well.

Source: TechRadar; Via: WinBeta