This week is going to be big news for Windows 8, today Skype have released a post about the coming metro style Windows 8 app.

Set to release at the same time as Windows 8 on the 26th the app looks set to seamlessly integrate with the OS in the People hub and provide “always on” connectivity. On top of that, this looks like one of the prettiest Windows 8 apps we have seen, showing that the metro style when done right is simply gorgeous.

WP Central Skype App for Windows 8 announced

Smiley happy people, do they not know its monday?

Modern design or Metro, take your pick it’s good to see a first party app look so good. Considering how confusing the UI of the traditional desktop app is, this is a triumph in minimalism. The app looks to work well in snapped mode allowing you to get on with looking at your maps or other apps. Taking full advantage of the People hub in Windows 8 is also really neat and to be expected from what is essentially a Microsoft product. The days of a multitude of different address books is finally upon us.

Finally Skype looks to be delivering on their apps for the Microsoft eco system. We got an all-too-brief look at the Windows Phone 8 version recently which looks pretty good. The only client missing in action now is the one for the living room. The Xbox 360 has just been decked out with the tiled dashboard and some new apps but where is that crucial Skype client? Arguably a killer app in the living room combined with the Kinect, we can’t wait to see and use it.

Let us know what you think about the new Skype client, like it as much as we do? Sound off below! 

Source: Skype