Skype for Business on Windows Phone

It is not exactly a hidden secret that Microsoft is rebranding its business orientated Lync platform to the more accessible Skype for Business. The rebranding had already begun a few months ago and soon after, hints that a Windows Phone app was on the way as well. In fact, during a recent Reddit AMA, members of the Skype for Business team at Microsoft dropped some significant signs an app was being tested.

Now, a private report to Windows Central claims the planned release date for this app is Friday, May 15. The report goes on to tell us that this app is ahead of the iOS and Android versions, which are still being worked on though there is no ETA for their release just yet.

It was only 11 days ago that the internal version of the Skype for Business Windows Phone app was spotted on the Store. This version is the 'dogfooding' one, meaning it is used for some late-stage testing by Microsoft employees. Evidently, the app is nearly ready to go if this May 15 date is accurate.

The Skype for Business app will bring the following to Windows Phone users:

"…voice and video over wireless, rich presence, instant messaging, conferencing, and calling features from a single, easy-to-use interface."

Microsoft is also expected to release an update for Windows 10 for Mobile this week in addition to a few other high-profile apps, making this a potentially exciting mid-May.