Looks like Skype, now owned by Microsoft, is serious about bringing video calling over to Windows Phone. In a job advertisement put out by the company, they are looking to hire someone

"...for building and optimizing the Skype Video Engine solution for Microsoft Windows and Windows Phone platforms."

Video engine? That little bit should confirm our suspicions. Going further, it looks like they are planning on plenty of updates to keep that baby humming a long:

"You will be working with a small team of highly skilled development and testing professionals to deliver a new release of the Video Engine every 2 months."

Of course it should come as no real surprise that Microsoft and Skype would do this--we know "Mango" evidenlty allows front-facing cameras and since Microsoft now owns Skype, deep integration into the desktop, Xbox, embedded devices and of course Windows Phone should be expected. But, we're at least glad that Skype looks to have already started down this route and are looking for more help, hopefully to speed things up now that the aquisition has gone through.

Here's hoping to full video calling over Skype in late 2011 on our 4G Windows Phone, amirite?

Source: Skype Careers; Thanks, Juan A., for the tip!