Following its homage to Back to The Future on its U.S. website earlier today, Microsoft is pushing further with celebrating the 80's classic with some new Mojis on Skype and more. In all, you can check out some new Mojis along with some special tweaks to the Skype website to celebrate today. Here's the full breakdown:

Great social! For all of you who peaked during the time of big hair and neon, your time is not over yet. Skype's social pages have received a full 80's makeover giving you the chance to show that old school is the new cool. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see real-time updates of the social takeover.

80's from the comfort of your home(page) It's the Skype homepage you know and love, with an 80's twist, and yes, we've even added some pixelization for true throwback viewing pleasure. Visit for a limited time takeover of your favorite Back to the Future quotes and images.

Keep on track with We're Going Back If you consider yourself a Back to the Future super fan, you've likely heard of the "We're Going Back" events. For those not fortunate enough to be attending the events, the team at "We're Going Back" is using Skype to bring the excitement of the event right to you! By adding the Skype ID WereGoingBack to your Skype contacts list, you'll get access to event updates, exclusive content, video messages from panelists, clips and teasers from the events and film trivia. Stay tuned for additional surprises coming this weekend!

So, if you're disappointed that not all of the predictions made in Back to the Future II have come to pass, at least you can ease that pain with a little Skype fun!

Source: Skype