In what is sure to be a shock and disappointment to many, Dan Neary, Skype's Asia Pacific VP and general manager for Skype, has suggested that they have no immediate plans to support Windows Phone 7. This comes on the heels of Skype pulling all Windows Mobile support, unless of course they are paid first.

Specifically, Neary noted that the decision to not support WP7 has something to do with "lack of user optimization" (?) and "partner support".  PC Authority suggest that Skype competes with Microsoft's own MSN chat and video software, but honestly we don't believe Microsoft would give the cold shoulder to Skype before even attempting to get the program in the Marketplace. So what does the lack of partner support mean? We're not too sure at this time, though it seems like Skype is not getting what it wants from Microsoft.

We should also mention that although this comes from a VP, it's not necessarily an official position, nor permanent. If Windows Phone 7 catches on, Skype will come back and make a dedicated application as they go where the money lies. Until then, dollars to doughnuts we'll see companies like Fring (who in many ways make a superior client) will fill in the huge gap, negating Skype's argument.

[via PC Authority]