A new report claims that Skype Teams, the in-development business-themed messaging service from Microsoft, will expand its current private beta test in November, ahead of a full launch in January 2017.

Skype Team

Microsoft has still not officially announced Skype Teams, but the report on Petri states that it has been in development for the past 18 months. It adds that the plan is to include Skype Teams with a paid Office 365 business subscription and that it will be a competitor to the similar Slack service:

To no surprise, this application is built on the company's new cloud platform and very well may be the future of Skype for Business. Make no mistake, Microsoft is going for the jugular on Slack with this product as many corporate customers already use Office 365 and with this product being bundled into that service, there will be no need to pay for Slack.

Microsoft plans to offer Skype Teams clients on a variety of platforms, according to the report. That includes Windows, OS X, iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Again, Microsoft has not confirmed any of these reports, and it's very possible plans could change between now and the official launch of Skype Teams.