Skype Video Messages

This week Skype has been rolling out a beta of a feature called Video Messages to users. Basically you can send video messages to contacts that are up to three minutes in length. The internet has had hints of this feature since early December, so you’re stoked to try it out on your Windows Phone right? Nope. No love from Skype for any Windows users – desktop or phone.

In a bizarre move by a Microsoft-owned Skype, Video Messages is initially only available for iOS, Android, and Mac users. That’s right, there isn’t a way for you to create or playback Video Messages from the Skype client for Windows Phone or Windows 8. You can receive those messages, but it’s just a link to play it back online.

Video Messages is still an early beta, but it’s disappointing to not get to try it on out inside the Microsoft ecosystem. Instead, I had to fire up my Instagram machine iPhone 4 to check it out. Sure enough, you’ve got the option to Video Message alongside the options for video calls, voice calls, or sending photos.

Sure, Skype is basically a company within a company, but it’s a bit of a letdown to not see it available to the operating systems of that company it is a part of.

Source: The Verge