Skype for Windows Phone

One big complaint has been addressed by the Skype team today for Windows Phone users: fonts and messages being too darn big.

Up until today, it was common to be able to see five contacts online in the Skype app for Windows Phone. After you take today's update, you can now see at least six contacts. The same rule applies for within conversations where you can see more messages on the display now, saving some scrolling.

Skype for Windows Phone

  • A new, compact design
  • General improvements and fixes

Although making things smaller for higher resolution displays is not a huge change, it was one the list of pet peeves for many users who found the fonts just too large for such an application. Now, the Skype app for Windows Phone looks more proportional.

Performance of the Windows Phone app is still middling when compared to Android or even the iPhone, but the Skype team is evidently doing their best to make it work.

Take the update and let us know in comments what you think of the changes!

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