This morning, Microsoft and Skype have pushed out an update for the popular VOIP app. The new version brings it up to and it appears to be a basic release with only minor changes. According to the changelog, this latest version of Skype brings “general fixes and improvements” with no other new features mentioned.

The last update for Skype was back in early October and since then, there have been reports of some major additions to the voice-chat service, including syncing of messages across services. However, this release appears to be more foundational rather than introducing new features. Perhaps this is laying the groundwork for a much larger update in the future.

Notice any other changes? Sound off in comments and we’ll await the Skype Blog to update with any more news.

For now, current users can head to the Windows Phone Store to pick up the latest version of Skype here (or scan the QR code below).

Via: Plaffo

QR: Skype