Skype WP8

The Skype team has announced yet another version of the Windows Phone client, version 2.13. We recently looked at some general fixes introduced in the previous update, but today we've got some new features to look forward to. Shoot on past the break to find out what's new.

A major improvement in this latest release is the significant reduction in loading times for recent conversations when the app has been fired up. If you've been struggling with sluggish performance or have simply got bored of waiting for the conversation screen to populate with data, this will be a welcome improvement.

Also, following user feedback, the team has introduced copy and paste for instant messaging - you can now tap and hold an IM, hit copy and then paste where you require the text. Accessibility has been improved in 2.13 with a brand new high contrast mode, which is enabled when the Windows Phone is configured in said mode.

Lastly, there's the announcement that Skype for Windows Phone is now available in China, following the partnership with Guangming Founder. You can download the latest version of Skype from the Windows Phone Store for free (or scan the QR code below) - note that the latest 2.13 release may not be available just yet. Source: Skype

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