Slack (Beta) for Windows Phone

After becoming available to download for everyone earlier today, Slack (Beta) for Windows Phone has picked up an update, incrementing the version number from 2015.813.0.0 to 2015.819.0.0. The official changelog notes the following changes:

  • Fixed an issue where the login screen did not use proper keyboard.
  • Fixed an issue where the create team button was not enabled for valid emails.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking certain profiles had a reasonable chance of an error.

While the app certainly looks polished given that it's still in the beta phase, there are a list of issues that are yet to be addressed. New features that are on the agenda include multi-team support, file uploads, animated GIFs, ability to add reactions to messages, search, and Slack commands.

How are you guys liking the update? Let us know in the comments.

Download Slack (Beta) for Windows Phone

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Thanks Micah!