Grab the Slack for Windows Phone beta update

Slack has pushed an update for its beta Windows Phone app that brings multi-team support along with a number of other fixes. With multi-team support, you'll be able to be signed into more than one team on your phone and manage them with ease. Beyond adding multi-team support, the team has fixed GIFs so they are no longer static images and more. The full list of changes includes:


  • Joy to the Windows Phone user: The app now comes fully furnished with Multi-team support. You'll find it right next to all your channels in your team.


  • A pesky habit the app had of becoming unresponsive after signing out and signing back in has been trained out of it.
  • Animated GIFs were appearing as static images, which defeated the object. Everything's better now.
  • Tapping the icon of a file in details, no longer has a bad behavior.
  • Group Messages over a certain age could not be found. We no longer discriminate: ALL Group Messages (and everything else) can be found.
  • Situations where you were unable to receive MPDM notifications have been (hopefully) eradicated.

You can grab the latest Slack for Windows Phone beta from the Windows Store now.

Download Slack beta for Windows Phone

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