Slack (Beta) for Windows Phone snags a bug-fixing update

Popular team-oriented messaging service Slack has continued to improve its beta app for Windows Phone, with the latest update bringing a large smattering of bug fixes and improvements along for the ride. While there are no new big features to look forward to here, Slack (Beta) version 2015.1020.0.0 does include a number of convenient fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where auto-completion would sometimes cause an error
  • Fixed an issue where trying to send a message after resuming the app could result in duplicate messages being sent
  • Fixed an issue where a user's profile didn't always display the correct local time
  • Fixed an issue with scrolling when entering a really long message
  • Better error handling
  • Minor UI enhancements & clean up

And there's also a known issue sticking around from the previous build to be aware of:

  • Messages cannot be sent while disconnected. In the future we plan to have better handling for queueing messages sent, but for now the send button should be disabled when there isn't a connection available.

If you're a Slack user, let us know what you think of the latest beta build in the comments below!

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Slack for Windows Phone

Source: Slack

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