Timed just right with this week's roll out of threaded messaging for Slack the app for Windows phone is getting the feature with the latest update.

Version 2017.118.0.0 is now live in the Store, and with it, users can reply to a user's message without bumping and notifying the entire channel. Microsoft's Teams app, which is very similar to Slack, launched with threaded messaging on day one putting Slack's feet to the fire to release the long-promised feature.

Here is what's new with the full update, which is now live:


  • Support for our new Threads. Did we mention we have threads now? We have threads now. They're rolling out over the next week, so if you don't have them yet, you soon will.


  • The experience had some visual wrinkles here and there so we ironed them. Everything is so smooth now.
  • There were a couple of issues with the delivery of push notifications. Now they'll show up as expected: Fresh and hot.

It's great to see Slack on the ball with its Windows phone app, which is dated a few days ago but just rolling out today. Grab it now to start using the feature, which is rolling out across accounts as we speak.

Download Slack (Beta) in the Windows Store