Mobility Site points us to a press release for "Oops, I'm Late!." It's a Windows Mobile app that takes a look at your location via GPS, compares it to your appointment in Pocket Outlook, and then if things are going badly auto-sends an SMS message to attendees (or your secretary) letting them you know you're en-route but late. It's a little steep at $69.99 for the Standard and $99.99 for the Pro (the Pro lets you use email instead of SMS and also set a default contact rather than just the attendees).

I'm a fan of these auto-sms apps and I am a little surprised we don't see more of them. I like Mobile Secretary a whole heckuva lot even though I only use it for forwarding of texts. I suppose people are wary of auto-sending apps (witness automatic Out of Office's fall from grace, sometimes they're just too annoying), but "Oops I'm Late!" looks like it has some smart software built in to prevent false positives.

Next step for the program: get a better name that doesn't require me to put quotes around it.

Oops I'm Late! is a notification application for Windows Mobile (5/6) phones based upon GPS. Whether you are late, on-time, or early, let Oops I'm Late! keep in touch rather than be distracted while driving.

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